Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Germany: Büsum and the Wadden Sea

Today I got two cards from Germany.

One of them is the Chronicle card of Büsum. Büsum is located on the North Sea coast in Dithmarschen and was first mentioned in 1140. Then it was one of three villages on a island in the Wadden Sea, but the other two villages were later destroyed by storm tide. Since 1455 is Büsum allowed to built a dike. The island, on which Büsum was located, is connected to the mainland since 1584. In 1837 Büsum became a North Sea resort. Today is Büsum the third most important tourist centre on Schleswig-Holstein's North Sea coast. Büsum is also known as fishing town, whose crabs are widely known.
I bought this card when I recently visited Büsum.

With a matching stamp:
Lighthouses (from set of two) (issued 06-06-2013)

When I was in Büsum I also bought some other card for my collection.
One of them shows the St. Clemens Church. The St. Clemens Church was built in 1442. It is consecrated to Saint Clemens, the third pope and the patron saint of the boatmen and the coasters. It was built built on a mound and was thus used as haven in case of storm tide.

Another card shows Büsum's Lighthouse. The Lighthouse of Büsum is located near the city centre. It was built between 1912 and 1913. First it was black, but in 1952 it was painted red and white.

I also bought a postcard showing a map and various views of Dithmarschen. Dithmarschen is a region and district on Schleswig-Holstein's North Sea coast. In medieval times the region enjoyed remarkable autonomy. Important cities in the region are Brunsbüttel, Heide and Meldorf.

The other cards I bought show the Wadden Sea and its fauna

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