Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Italy: Sacrario di Redipuglia

Today I got four postcards: one from Italy, one from Belgium, one from Japan and one from France.

The card from Italy shows the Sacrario di Redipuglia. The Sacrario di Redipuglia is the largest military memorial of Italy and contains the remains of 100000 killed soldiers of World War I, both from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and from Italy. It was inaugurated in 1938. It is located in Fogliano Redipuglia on the slopes of the Monte Sei Busi, which was hard-fought during the Battles of the Isonzo as it offered an access to the Alpine Front and the Austro-Hungarian town of Trieste. 

With a related stamp:
Italian Mail 0,10€ (from set of three) (issued 01-07-2010)
Italian Mail 0,15€ (from set of two) (issued 19-09-2015)
Centenary of World War I (from set of four) (issued 24-05-2015)
The Battle of Gorizia, also known as Sixth Battle of the Isonzo, was a battle fought between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italy in August 1916. It was Italy's most successful offensive along the Isonzo river in World War I and ended with the conquest of Gorizia.

Thank You very much Cristina!

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