Sunday, 21 August 2016

Azerbaijan: Palace of Shaki Khans

On Friday I got my first two postcards from Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is a country in Western Asia bordering on Russia, Iran, Armenia and Georgia. The exclave of Nakhchivan is also bordering on Turkey. The country's capital is Baku, which hosted the 1st European Games in 2015. In 1991 Azerbaijan became independent from the Soviet Union and today it has a high level of human development. 

The two cards show wall paintings of the Palace of Shaki Khans. The Palace of Shaki Khans was built between 1789 and 1797 at the behest of Muhammed Hasan Khan. It was used as summer residence of the Shaki Khans, the rulers of the Shaki Khanate. It seeks for the inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

With nice stamps:
Dogs (two from set of five) (issued 27-08-2014)
Cats (from set of five) (issued 17-04-2014)

Thank You very much Christine!

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