Thursday, 18 August 2016

cover from Germany

On Saturday I got a cover from Germany.

Crocus (issued 11-08-2005)
Tulip (issued 08-09-2005)
EUROPA (issued 02-05-2016)

Inside were nine postcards: my first card from Suriname and eight cards from Germany.

Suriname is a country in South America bordering on French Guiana, Brazil and Guyana. In 1975 it became independent from the Netherlands. It is the smallest country in South America and the only one with Dutch as official language. It is a member of the United Nations and the Caribbean Community.

The card shows various views of Paramaribo. Paramaribo is the capital and largest city of Suriname. The Historic Inner City of Paramaribo is since 2002 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The first German card shows the Lutherhaus in Wittenberg. The Lutherhaus was the home of Martin Luther for most of his adult life. There he wrote his 95 Theses. Today it houses the World's largest museum related to the Reformation. As one of the Luther Memorials in Eisleben and Wittenberg it is since 1996 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The second German card shows the Heidelberg Castle. The Heidelberg Castle is the landmark of Heidelberg. It was destroyed during the Nine Years' War and is today one of the most famous ruins in Germany. It was also one of the most important German Renaissance-style buildings.

The third German card shows the Karl Marx House in Trier. The Karl Marx House is the house, where Karl Marx was born in 1818. Today it houses a museum about Karl Marx' life and the history of communism.

The fourth German card shows a view from the Ruhr Museum in Essen. The Ruhr Museum is a museum about the history of the Ruhr Area. It was opened in 1904 as city museum of Essen and in 1934 it was renamed to Ruhrlandmuseum. In 2006 the museum moved to the former coal-washing facility of the Zeche Zollverein. It opened again in 2008 and is since then known as Ruhr Museum.

Another card shows the New Synagogue of Duisburg. The New Synagogue of Duisburg was opened in 1999. It was built near the place where the Old Synagogue was located, which was destroyed during the pogroms of 1938.

One of the German cards is from the Electrical Substation in Recklinghausen. The Electrical Substation in Recklinghausen was completed in 1928. Today it is a protected monument and houses the largest electricity museum in Germany.

The last two cards I will use later to get special postmarks.

Thank You very much Marcel!

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