Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Czech Republic: Archdiocesan Museum of Olomouc

On Saturday I got a postcard from the Czech Republic.

It shows the Archdiocesan Museum of Olomouc. The Archdiocesan Museum of Olomouc preserves and shows the works of art of the Olomouc Archdiocese. Its collection represent thousand years of Moravian culture and its picture collection is the second largest in the Czech Republic. It was also one of the first museums in the Czech Republic with a lecturing department. In 2015 the Olomouc Premyslid Castle and Archdiocesan Museum got the European Heritage Label.

150 Years Alfons Mucha (from set of two) (issued 26-05-2010)

Thank You very much Eva!

Eva also sent me a cover which included more cards of the Archdiocesan Museum of Olomouc and two other cards about the European Heritage Label.

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