Saturday, 15 August 2015

cover from Hong Kong

Last Friday arrived not only five postcards but also a cover from Hong Kong.

Definitives (three from set of sixteen) (issued 24-07-2014)
Inclusive Arts (from set of four) (issued 13-10-2013)
Words in Braille are written on the stamp.
Museums Collection (from set of seven) (issued 17-06-2014)
with a special postmark

Inside were a FDC and a maxicard.
The FDC is from 2015 and is about the Year of the Ram. The stamp is from a set of four and was issued on 24th January.

The maxicard shows Lan Kwo Shui on the island of Ping Chau. Ping Chau is the only sizeable island in Hong Kong made up of sedimentary rock. The island is part of the Hong Kong Global Geopark. The stamp is the same as one of the stamps on the cover.

Thank You very much Zinfandel!

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