Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Germany: Toy Museum in Nuremberg

On Friday arrived five postcards: two from Germany, two from Liechtenstein and one from Japan.

One of the cards from Germany shows a felt puppet in the form of a clown from the Toy Museum in Nuremberg. The Toy Museum in Nuremberg is one of the largest and most famous toy museums in the World. The basis of the museum's collection is the toy collection of Lydia and Paul Bayer. It opened in 1971. The city of Nuremberg is known for its toy makers and houses the largest toy fair in the World.
I sent this card card after I visited the museum on my way back from Milan.

With a related stamp:
EUROPA (issued 07-05-2015)

I also bought some other cards of more exhibits from the museum including dolls, a general store, a merry-go-round and wooden building blocks.

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