Sunday, 2 August 2015

United Kingdom: London Irish Rifles' football from Loos

Yesterday I got five postcards: one from the United Kingdom, three from Germany and my first card from Tibet.

The card from the United Kingdom is another stamp card of this year's World War I Centenary issue. It shows the London Irish Rifles' football from Loos. 
The Battle of Loos was the largest British battle that took place on the Western Front in 1915. It was fought between the United Kingdom and the German Empire. It was part of the plan to break through German defences to restore a war of movement. The battle ended without major shift in the front. It marks the first use of poison gas of the British army.
The football was kicked by a member of the 1st Battalion, London Irish Riffles, across the no man's land and entangled in German barbed wire. It was a welcome distraction to the soldiers. Today it is kept in the London Irish Rifles’ Regimental Museum.

With a related stamp:
Queen's Head
World War I Centenary (from set of six) (issued 14-05-2015)

Thank You very much Federica!

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