Sunday, 13 September 2015

cover from Italy

On Thursday I got not only six postcards but also two covers including one from Italy.

Parco Nazionale dell`Asinara (issued 12-08-2015)

Inside was an Italian maxicard about the World War I Centenary.
Before World War I was Italy a part of the Triple Alliance with the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany, but when the war began in 1914 Italy stayed neutral. As Italy desired parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Trentino and Trieste, as spoils of war, it started secret negotiations with France and Great Britain. They agreed and Italy joined the war on 23rd May 1915 alongside the Triple Entente. Between 1915 and 1918 Italy fought a position warfare against the Austro-Hungarian Empire without major shifts of the lines. After World War I Italy got the promised territories and additionally also South Tyrol and Istria.
The stamp is from a set of four stamps and was issued on 24th May 2015. The stamps and the card show a picture of the Alpine Warfare.

Thank You very much Cristina!

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