Sunday, 27 September 2015

Germany: European Researchers Night in Braunschweig

On Friday I visited the European Researchers Night in my hometown and there got some postcards.

The European Researchers Night is held annually since 2005 on the last Friday in September. In around 300 cities in 24 countries visitors can experience the world of science and research with join-in activities and other sensations. Braunschweig is the only participating city in Germany.

There I got a set of postcards of the Lower Saxon State Agency for Mining, Energy and Geology. The Lower Saxon State Agency for Mining, Energy and Geology was founded in 2006. It is involved in the protection and the sustainable use of raw material and resources. 
The most of the cards show places in Lower Saxony with a profile of their soil.

I also got cards of the Thünen Institute. The Thünen Institute is a higher federal authority based in Braunschweig. It was founded in 2008 and researches for methods for the sustainable development of agriculture, forestry and fishery.
The cards show views of forests, Geobionts with a logo of the International Year of Soil in the backside and a lump of soil.

I also got a very special postcard that promotes a greener Braunschweig. The card contains seeds.

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