Sunday, 6 September 2015

Germany: First Virtual Postcrossing Meet-up of the 16 German States

On Friday I got a special postcard from Germany.

The card was printed after the First Virtual Postcrossing Meet-up of the 16 German States. In June the German Postcrossing member KlausK had an idea for a new project. He was looking for one member from every Federal State of Germany to take part in a virtual meet-up. Quickly the first participants were found, I was the first volunteer from Lower Saxony. He prepared three cards and sent them from his home state North Rhine-Westphalia to Schleswig-Holstein. There another member got the cards, signed them and sent them to the Saarland. This way the three cards travelled through the entire Federal Republic and visited every State. The last participating State was Brandenburg and at the end of August the cards went back to North Rhine-Westphalia safely. KlausK kept one of the cards for himself and made a lottery for the other two cards between the participants. For the other participants, who were not lucky to get an original, he created this card showing the journey of the cards. At the moment a Virtual World Meet-up is planned.

On the backside of the card are copies of the signatures.
Lighthouse (from set of two) (issued 11-06-2015)

Thank You very much Klaus!

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