Saturday, 2 January 2016

Italy: Botanical Garden of Padua

Today I got my first two cards of 2016. Both are from Italy.

One of them shows the Botanical Garden of Padua. The Botanical of Padua was founded in 1545 and is thus the oldest botanical garden that is still in its original location. It was founded by the Republic of Venice and soon enlarged its collection due to the diverse economic connections of the republic. The first lilac, sunflower and potato in Europe were bred there. Today the garden includes 6000 species of plants, an important library and an extensive herbarium. The oldest plant in the garden is a palm from 1585. Since 1997 is the Botanical Garden of Padua on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Italian Mail 0,10€ (from set of three) (issued 01-07-2010)
Italian Mail 0,80€ (from set of two) (issued 01-12-2014)

Thank You very much Marina!

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