Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Belgium: Dodengang

On Friday I got two postcards from Belgium.

One of them shows the Dodengang, the Trench of Death, near Diksmuide. The Dodengang is located next to the Yser Canal. It was in use between 1914 and 1918 and preserved the front line in this area by stopping further German attacks. In 1919 it became one of the first World War I memorials in Belgium.

The Battle of the Yser was fought in October 1914 between the German Empire and Belgium and France. The Allied victory at the Yser stopped the German advance into the last corner of unoccupied Belgium and established the Yser Front. 

With a related stamp:
Centenary of World War I (from set of five) (issued 13-06-2016)
Henri Pirenne (1862 - 1935) was a Belgian historian. He became known for the nonviolent resistance to the Germans who occupied Belgium in World War I.

Thank You very much Gerda!

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