Thursday, 25 May 2017

My Trip to Wiedensahl on International Museum Day

On Sunday was International Museum Day and I visited Wiedensahl. 

Wiedensahl is a Flecken in the district of Schaumburg in Lower Saxony. It is a part of the German Fairy Tale Route.

In 1832 Wilhelm Busch was born in Wiedensahl. His birth house is now home to a museum about the life of Wilhelm Busch and the years he spent in Wiedensahl.

On Sunday a new special exhibition was opened. It is centred on Wilhelm Busch's character Hans Huckebein, whose story was first published 150 years ago, and the new illustrations made by Jonas Lauströer. For the International Museum Day a special postmark and old Hans Huckebein stamps (issued 14-06-2007) were available and also the artist himself was present. Luckily I got his signature on a postcard showing one of his illustrations and also got it cancelled with the special postmark.

Between 1872 and 1978 Wilhelm Busch lived in the old parish house. Today it houses a museum about Wiedensahl's history with more 1500 exhibits. In 1913 a Wilhelm Busch Memorial was placed in front of the house.

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