Monday, 22 May 2017

Spain: Ferreres Aqueduct near Tarragona

On Friday I got three postcards from Spain.

One of them shows the Ferreres Aqueduct near Tarragona. Tarragona, back then known as Tárraco, was a major administrative and mercantile city in Roman Spain. The Ferreres Aqueduct was built during the reign of Augustus to supply Tárraco with water. It is the largest aqueduct in Catalonia. Since 2000 is the Archaeological Ensemble of Tárraco on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Definitive (from set of five) (issued 19-01-2015)
Definitive (from set of six) (issued 02-01-2016)
Stamp Design Contest (whole set) (issued 01-02-2017)

Thank You very much Mario!

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