Monday, 2 January 2017

Collectibles from the Team "Erlebnis: Briefmarken"

Today the Team "Erlebnis: Briefmarken" of the Deutsche Post was in my hometown, so I was able to buy some collectibles for my collection.

The special postcard I bought commemorates the 25th anniversary of the revival of the railway service to the Brocken in 2016. 

125 years Harz Narrow Gauge Railways (issued 09-02-2012)
with a special postmark about the anniversary

The cover I bought was printed for the change of name of the airport of Hamburg, which is known as Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt since 2016.

Variable Value stamp (from set of two) (issued 24-10-2008)
Aircrafts (from set of four) (issued 12-06-2008)
with a special postmark of the event

The maxicard I bought shows the Christmas Market in Erfurt. The stamp is a Christmas stamp and was issued on 2nd November 2016.

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