Monday, 30 January 2017

cover from Germany

On Thursday I got not only a postcard but also a cover from Germany.

Variable Value stamp (whole set) (issued 24-10-2008)

Inside were five postcards.

Two of them are from the Latvian Museum of National History. The Latvian Museum of National History was founded in Riga in 1869. It is the largest repository of Latvian material culture

The third card shows the Historical Museum of Łódź. Łódź is the third largest city of Poland and was once one of the most multicultural and industrial cities in Europe. The Historical Museum was opened in 1975 in the former residence of the manufacturer Izrael Kalmanowicz Poznański. It presents exhibits about the history of Łódź.

The fourth card shows Vessra Abbey. Vessra Abbey was founded in the 12th century and was turned into an agricultural estate after the Reformation. In 1975 it became home to the Museum of the History of Agriculture of the DDR and since 1990 it houses the Hennebergische Museum.

The last one shows the Silver Gallery in Geising. The Silver Gallery of Geising was operated for the first time in 1687. In 1960 it was opened as mining museum, but was closed in 1995.

Thank You very much Nicy!

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