Thursday, 5 January 2017

Russia: Friedrich Wilhelm III Monument in Kaliningrad

Yesterday I got my first four postcards of 2017: one from Russia, one from Turkey, one from Thailand and one from Taiwan.

The card from Russia shows the Friedrich Wilhelm III Monument in Königsberg, modern day Kaliningrad. The Friedrich Wilhelm III Monument was placed in the Königsgarten in 1851. It was said to have been the most prestigious monument in Königsberg. After the city had become a part of the Soviet Union, the monument was destroyed in the 1950s.

Russian Kremlins (two from set of twelve) (issued 01-10-2009)
100 years Russian Chapel below Vršič (issued 27-05-2016)
It is a joint issue with Slovenia.
During World War I approximately 12000 Russians were transported by the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the Vršič pass as Prisoners of War. Their task was the building of a road over the pass so that the reaching of the new front line in the Isonzo Valley would become easier. The new front line developed after Italy declared the war on the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1915. Several thousand young Russian prisoners died building this road. The prisoners also built the wooden Russian Chapel below Vršič.

Thank You very much Anastasia!

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