Saturday, 7 January 2017

Germany: My Trip to Bremerhaven

Yesterday I was in Bremerhaven to visit the Klimahaus.

Bremerhaven was founded in 1827, when the City of Bremen bought the territories at the mouth of the Weser from the Kingdom of Hanover. After the city had been re-integrated in the then Prussian Province of Hanover in 1939, it became again a part of Bremen in 1947. Today it forms together with Bremen the German State of Bremen, the only two-city state in Germany. Today it is also considered to be the only German big city on the North Sea. Furthermore it is one of the largest European port cities, an important centre for the German export and an important location of science and research. In 2005 it was the City of Science. 

The Klimahaus is a museum about climate and climate change. It offer its visitors the possibility of a virtual journey along the 8th line of longitude with stops in Switzerland, Sardinia, Niger, Cameroon, Antarctica, Samoa, Alaska and the Wadden Sea. It was opened in 2009.

The German Emigration Center was opened in 2005. It is a museum dedicated to the history of German emigration to the USA and deals with Bremerhaven's history as most important port for emigrants. It is Europe's largest museum about emigration.

The Old Harbour of Bremerhaven was built between 1827 and 1830. It was mostly filled up in the 20th century, but a small part was preserved and is now used as museum harbour of the German Maritime Museum.

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