Saturday, 14 January 2017

cover from Russia

On Tuesday I got not only four postcards but also a cover from Russia.

With a great stamp:
Way to Victory - Battle of Hanko (from set of two) (issued 11-10-2016)
The stamp is embossed.

Inside were two mint stamps.

The first one is the second stamp from the Way to Victory set.

The second one was issued on 27th September 2016 to commemorate the Centenary of the Degtyarev Plant.

The Kovrov Machine-gun Plant was founded on 27th August 1916 to cover the requirements of the Russian army for light machine guns. Its establishment is connected with the name of Russian scientist Vladimir Fyodorov and engineer Vasily Degtyaryov. The plant is known as Degtyarev Plant since 1949. Today it is one of the most important weapon-producing enterprises of Russia.

Thank You very much Elena!

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