Thursday, 26 January 2017

Germany: Berlin from Papersisters

Last Wednesday I got two postcards: one from Germany and one from the USA.

The card from Germany is Papersisters' German Landmark postcard of Berlin. After World War II the city of Berlin was divided between France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the USA. The eastern part became the capital of East Germany, while the western part formed an exclave of West Germany. After the German Reunification both parts were united and now form one of the States of the Federal Republic of Germany. The state is completely surrounded by Brandenburg. 

Among others the card shows the Victory Column, an Advertising Column, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag Building, the Berlin Wall and the Bust of Nefertiti.

With great matching stamps:
Brandenburg Gate (issued 27-12-2007)
The stamp commemorates the 275th birthday of Carl Gotthard Langhans, the architect of the Brandenburg Gate. 
Knut (issued 10-04-2008)
Heinrich Zille (issued 02-01-2008)
Heinrich Zille (1858-1929) was a German illustrator, who is known for his depictions of the common people of Berlin.
Topography of Terror (issued 02-01-2017)
with First Day Special Postmark

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