Saturday, 5 August 2017

Helmut Kohl covers

On 25th July I got not only a postcard but also two covers from Germany.

Helmut Kohl was born in Ludwigshafen in 1930. He was a German statesman and member of the Christian Democratic Union. Between 1969 and 1976 he was minister president of the German State of Rhineland-Palatinate. In 1982 he became Chancellor of Germany. He was strongly committed to European integration and French-German cooperation. Kohl is considered to have been the mastermind of the German reunification and the architect of the Maastricht Treaty. He remained chancellor until 1998 and thus had the longest tenure of all German Chancellors. Also in 1998 Kohl became the second person to be named Honorary Citizen of Europe. Helmut Kohl died on 16th June 2017 in Ludwigshafen. Following his death Kohl was honoured with the first ever European Act of State.

Winter Aconite (issued 08-06-2017)
25 years German Unity (issued 01-10-2015)
with a special postmark about the death of Helmut Kohl

Condolence (issued 11-05-2017)
with a special postmark about the European Act of State held for Helmut Kohl at the European Parliament

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