Monday, 7 August 2017

Malaysia: Selangor Forest Park

After nearly three years my collection of VMY 2014 cards is finally complete. Thanks to everyone who helped me!

On 31st July I got three postcards from Malaysia. 

One of them shows the Selangor Forest Park of the Forest Research Institute Malaysia. The Forest Research Institute Malaysia promotes sustainable management and optimal use of forest resources. The Selangor Forest Park is a man-made tropical rain forest planted and maintained by the institute since the 1920s. It proved that tropical rain forest can be re-created on devastated land and is the World’s oldest and largest re-created tropical rain forest. The Selangor Forest Park seeks for the inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

State Definitives of Johor (from set of six) (issued 25-02-2016)
Commonwealth Tourism Ministers Meeting (from set of three) (issued 19-03-2004)

Thank You very much Matthew!

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