Saturday, 5 August 2017

Thailand: Bang Pa-In Palace

On 27th July I got three postcards: one from Thailand, one from Germany and one from South Africa.

The card from Thailand shows the Bang Pa-In Palace. The Bang Pa-In Palace is located in the Ayutthaya Province and was formerly used as summer residence of the Thai kings. It was originally constructed in 1632, but was not used from the late 18th century until the mid-19th century when it was restored by King Mongkut.

With nice stamps:
100 years Thai State Railway (from set of four) (issued 26-03-1997)
International Letter Writing Week (from set of four) (issued 09-10-1994)
Telecommunications (from set of four) (issued 09-06-1997)

Thank You very much Jobbo!

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